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Cisco Live US 2016 - DevNet Hackathon


In Las Vegas, Nevada at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center on the weekend of July 9th-10th, Cisco DevNet held a hackathon with a special theme around Corporate Social Responsibility’s initiative Connected Bees.  Using IoT and Collaboration technologies to engage in close monitoring of the bees, the hackers were challenged to look for innovative ways to improve the understanding and information available of the bee ecology.

To accomplish this, the hackers were provided Cisco technologies of Meraki, Spark, Tropo, Zeus, and Shipped. Relayr graciously provided IoT devices and the know-how for even those new to connecting devices the ability to gather sensor data.  Data 61 from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) based out of Australia provided a wealth of bee data to jumpstart the hackers in their research and implementation.


The judges were amazed with the quantity and quality of the submissions for this 24-hour hackathon.  From Saturday at 10a until Sunday at 10a the hackers worked diligently through the night creating solutions that were evaluated for their problem being solved, creativity and innovation, impact and market potential, and technical achievement.  At the end of the event, everyone gathered, the judges deliberated, and ultimately the awards were handed out.

The 3rd Place team was Bee Keeper and they created a platform using Tropo and Relayr that connects scientists and hobbyists and provides shared and centralized data gathering, analysis, monitoring, alerting, and collaboration around comprehensive beehive data.  Their goal of connecting scientists to solve bee Colony Collapse Disorder impressed the judges. 


BeeTRI was the 2nd place team and they not only won second place, but they also brought home the Data 61 special prize for use of the provided Data 61 data set.  Their solution used Relayr IoT sensors to detect disturbances and irregularities of the bee hive and automatically notify the responsible bee keeper via Spark and Tropo.


The winning team was Plan Bee.  Interestingly, the Plan Bee team used thermal cameras to measure hive activity and sound detection on Raspberry PIs to locate bees in the field.  They also utilized Cisco Spark as a platform to globally connect farmers and researchers and the other technologies in the hackathon to support their infrastructure.


A lot of awareness and important technical ideas came out of the event and we in DevNet want to give a huge thank you to the hackathon attendees, our supporting Cisco engineering teams, our hackathon partners Relayr and Data 61, and BeMyApp our logistics support team!  Without all of you, we wouldn’t have been able to do so much in so little time.

Thank you!

If you are interested, you can review the hackathon event site at and all the completed projects at

Cisco Employee

Hi Mike, (mikemaas )

You along with the other evangelists were so dedicated in not letting the usage of various Cisco technologies itself be a challenge, that all teams reached the demo phase like breeze.

You were the first mentor with whom we discussed our idea and the approach to the demo. Thanks for all the valuable inputs on the 'The Day'.


Nitin Singh

Team - Smart Connected World (Smart Lifts) - Aricent

Cisco Employee

So good ideas !

Guys, Cisco employees are taking care of beehives in Paris (FR), Amsterdam (NL) and Reading (UK).

If you want to test your solution on our beehives you are welcome.

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