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Cisco StadiumVision Mobile SDK Highlights for Release 2.1.1

Janel Kratky
Cisco Employee

The Cisco StadiumVision Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) is a set of software libraries that enable developers to quickly create engaging fan applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone mobile devices. Each new release provides features and enhancements that extend the functionality of the SDK. Read below for highlights of Release 2.1.1 but please refer to the Cisco StadiumVision Mobile Release Notes for Release 2.1 for a full list.

SDK Documentation

The Cisco StadiumVision Mobile SDK Programmer’s Guide has moved to Cisco DevNet. Now you can find a separate guide for each operating system (Android, iOS, and Windows) under Documents. For additional information, go to:


  • Adds a new api method that returns FALSE when a device is not supported by SVM, due to lack of IGMP support.
  • Fully qualified to work with Google Android 6.0.

Windows Phone

  • Adds enhanced Forward Error Correction (FEC) capability.
  • Provides the ability to debug the Windows Demo app.


  • Fully qualified to work with Apple iOS8 and iOS9.
  • Adds support for Xcode 7.x and later.

NOTE: Xcode 7.x enables Bitcode by default. The Enable Bitcode setting must be changed to "No" in order for the Sample app to compile correctly as shown below.


Have a question about the SDK? Ask it here by posting a question to the forum.

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