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Limitations of Tracking Hardware Events in SRE-V

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Created by: Brett Tiller on 27-02-2013 12:56:48 PM
There are limitations in SRE-V regarding tracking real time hardware events such as the failure of a hard drive.  The Service Ready Engine Virtualization platform (SRE-V)  has VMware ESXI 5.0 built into the platform which provides virtualization, and SRE-V installs onto the Service Ready Engine (SRE) service module .  ESXI utilizes a technology called CIM as well as SNMP with some limitations to track hardware events.  SRE-V uses a software RAID developed by Promise and the release implemented does not support CIM.  In addition, SRE-V does not support SNMP.  As a result we do not believe that the user can get notification of hardware events such as a disk failure on the SRE service module.  The alternative is to use the Promise CLI to check the raid status.  These CLI commands are documented in the SRE-V Installation and Configuration Guide in Chapter 7 titled "Managing RAID", and is located at: . Another alternative is the UCS E-Series server which is the next generation service module released after the SRE.  This server plugs into the 29xx and 39xx routers and does support SNMP.  More information is available at .

More information regarding ESXI CIM vs SNMP is provided here: .
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