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New Webinar: NSO in an ETSI NFV Context

Cisco Employee

We are currently experiencing a significant ramp-up in questions around NSO in the role as an NFVO Orchestrator. Lots of questions both from internal engineers as well as customers and account teams. This subject is not new, but the nature of the questions are subtly changing from pure tire kicking and brain picking (which has been the normal over the last couple of years) into something that suggests actual investments at our customers.

People with good memory will recall that NSO (then NCS) was part of the first pre-ETSI NFV effort to build a virtual BRAS that was done by Don Clarke at BT in 2012. This first experimental effort used NCS in the function of what would later be formally named NFV Orchestrator (NFVO) by the ETSI ISG NFV. A presentation that briefly covers this as well as some early follow-on activities can be found here.

As our customer base are now working their way towards a position where they organizationally ready to invest in NFV, we find ourselves needing to ramp up our outbind communication around this. This particular subject (NSO as an NFVO) is our main talking point for at least the first half of CY16, and you will see it being communicated in various shapes and forms. As part of this effort we have recorded a new Cisco Knowledge Network (CKN) webinar and you can find the presentation material here, and the recording of the webinar is not available as a direct link but you can work your way through forms to reach it here.

Feel free to reach out to me or our NSO product manager (Nils-Petter Tisell) if you have any questions or feedback on the content of the webinar. Or if you simply want to talk more about this exciting theme.

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