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onePK SDK 1.3 Now Available

Cisco Employee

onePK SDK version 1.3 is now available! With onePK SDK 1.3 we’ve added new Service Set enhancements, introduced new platform support, fixed bugs, and more.

Here are the major features in onePK SDK version 1.3:

  • Link Local Discovery Protocol (LLDP) support in the Topology Service Set
  • CLI extension enhancements in the Element Service Set
  • Cisco ME 3600X/24CX Switch Support

You can download the onePK SDK 1.3 or read the Release Notes for more details.

In addition, we’ve made it easier to learn more about DevNet’s support offering for those interested in working directly with Cisco support teams who have the skills needed to provide support beyond the community forums. To learn more, click “Support” located on the main onePK DevNet portal:


Happy coding!

The onePK Team



This is what I get when I clicked on the download link

We could not find the requested page on Cisco DevNet



Page Not Found


If you’re looking for the all-in-one VM, try:


I'm having the same problem. Is there an alternate location for the SDK download?


Where to download????

Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Sorry for the temporary interruption.  The download links have been restored to the various pages.  Make sure you are logged in, and you should see them.


this is what we got after another try.

We could not find the requested page on                    Cisco                     DevNet                 

Page Not Found
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

I am able to download things like the All-in-One VM.  What link are you clicking on exactly?  Did you login to DevNet first?


If we usethe link pasted on this page "You can download the onePK SDK 1.3 or read the Release Notes for more details", it won't work even if logged in; But if login DevNet home place then navigate to download page, then I could download it successfully. It works, thanks.

Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

I have fixed the links in the blog so they point to working pages now.


I have downloaded the all in one VM SDK and imported into VMware Workstation.

It's running fine but there are some problems with upgrading the Ubuntu platforms, as the installation procedure recommends.

It is configured to use some unauthenticated sources for libssl and openssl.

Are you aware of this, and do you have a recommended way of solving it.

Do you also recommend to upgrade the Ubuntu to the 14.04.1 release?

Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

I've noticed the same thing.  I'm sure there is some apt-foo one can do to make this work, but I haven't Googled for it.  Instead, I went ahead and upgraded to 14.04.1 and have not had any problems.


Can you help me, I got Access Denied when downloading the VM at All-in-One VM - Cisco Developer Community ?


I also get...when trying to download the onePK SDK

Access Denied

Your account does not have the appropriate access to display the requested page. Please contact your Cisco account representative for further direction.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

There was a change on DevNet where you now need to use the SigniantTransfer plugin to download things.  But if you login and click the download, install the plug-in, then you will get the download to work.

If you still get authorization denied, please post the exact steps you did to get the error including screenshots along the way.  Thanks.

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