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Upcoming Cisco NSO DevNet Relaunch


Hello NSO Developer Community,

Within approximately one week we will do a refresh of the NSO Product Suite DevNet and Jive pages.

We are aiming at multiple improvements, including:

  • Update/replace a lot of content now found on DevNet under “Overview” and “Getting started”
  • Much of the content previously reached through DevNet will be moved to Jive to enable better search and collaboration capabilities
  • New content will be added based on a knowledge gap analysis and work performed across the NSO community
  • All partners and customers will be able to upload their own files/content to Jive. The goal is to enable all of us to help create the place to share, find and collaborate around our public NSO knowledge
  • We will start performing more continuous news updates and keep a closer look at the Q&A section to help ensure a faster response
  • If you used to be able to download software or find training course material on DevNet you will now find these inside Jive. These pages are only available to those who have been granted the right to download software or have taken the trainings

A key goal with this DevNet refresh is to open the community wider to include all Cisco employees, partners and customers, regardless of whether or not they have taken NSO training. Due to this we will go live in stages where everyone currently having access will be granted it in approximately one week. We will then in the weeks following the first go-live grant access to all Cisco employees, partners and customers.

I will send another email out next week once we go live. 

Best regards,

Renée Robinson Strömberg

.:|:.:|:. CISCONSO Developer Hub

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