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Using the Cloud to Choose Not Snooze

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Are you being held back from reaching your full potential by your own self-limiting belief system? You know, the uninvited guest who shows up to point out all the reasons why you can’t or shouldn’t do something? You can’t do that. This is out of your comfort zone. You’re too awkward – you’ll never land a perfect outcome.

As humans, we tend to stick to what we know well, rarely venturing out into the land of high risk and high reward. Yet we know that comfort zones can quickly pigeonhole us, keeping us from enriching experiences.

In this blog, we’ll share our own unique approach to breaking out of your comfort zone, using lessons from our daily technical learning and experiences.

We are a cloud services architect and a technical communicator. For the past year and a half, we have been working on an evolving team focused on Cisco Spark. This “leap to the cloud” has given us a unique perspective on things like:

Our thinking on this post was, “What if we used some of the learnings from devising cloud architectures and use them to address the self-limiting belief system that plagues many of us?”

Here’s our simple idea for getting past the self-limiting belief system: Take a Cloud approach!

  1. Look at the big picture of where you want your life to go – your “cloud architecture.” This is all the stuff that seems insurmountable at first. Things you want to do, but have been resisting doing. Write it out as a list. Call this your “But I can’t” list.
  2. Pick one item from your "But I can’t " list. Think of it in terms of a “minimum viable offering” – What is the minimum you need to do to take a step forward?
  3. Let out the “chaos monkeys” and just do it. Allow yourself to have small failures. Don’t resist your fears: schedule them.

That’s it. Once you take these first three steps, you’ll be on your way, and you can repeat the process as needed. The more you do this, the more you’ll build an adaptive, resilient neural network that will quickly learn to adapt at trying new things. Just as in a cloud system, your chaos monkeys will purposefully tear down your fears so that you can handle future failures more gracefully.

This blog is an example of an item on our “But I can’t" list. In writing this particular post, we realized that we could either keep snoozing our ideas or choose to act on those ideas and speak out. We decided to choose!!  We didn’t want to wait until it was perrrrrfect!!

How about you? What’s on your “But I can’t” list? What have you been waiting to do until you’re ready to do it perfectly? Try our Cloud approach, find out what happens, and let us know by commenting!

Happy Choosing -- No more Snoozing!!!


Pallavi Kalapatapu

Architect/Technical Lead


   Tana Franko:

   Technical Writer


Cisco Employee

great post!  thanks for sharing this!

Cisco Employee

very well said and a common issue all women face!


Intriguing idea...applying our technical expertise and learnings to our belief systems and our brains!

Cisco Employee

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Cisco Employee

Yes, so many of us, as humans, face this at one point or other in our lives.

Thanks for reading and for your comment!

Cisco Employee

As a neuroscience "geek" I like the way you put that, Tanu! Thanks for reading and commenting!

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Thanks for reading and commenting Tanu. I'm glad that you found it intriguing.

Just as we bring our personality traits and ethics to work to set forth our best professional front, This idea is about taking what has worked in our work life and feeding it back to our personal belief systems. We are excited to start on this journey and eager to share progress through this blog. Keep visiting us!


Love this perspective. having a set of guidelines to stretch out one's comfort zone is a good thing. if we all had a supportive environment where each person could experiment fast and learn... 

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Thanks for reading and commenting John!

We are off on a journey to experience multidimensional growth by integrating professional and personal learnings. We will be sharing our ideas and progress through a series of blog posts. Please keep visiting.

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