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Webinar: Maximizing Network Programmability and Automation with Cisco NX-OS

Cisco Employee

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Most traditional enterprise networks are simply not nimble enough to keep up with today’s rapidly changing business requirements, the demands of cloud and mobile computing, and the proliferation of data.

Programmable networking promises to change that, enabling IT organizations to respond in minutes instead of days, automate time-consuming manual tasks, and simplify management. How should you implement networking programmability? Which approach is right for your organization?

Discover how to create a programmable network with Cisco open NX-OS during this 60-minute webcast. Learn how Cisco provides the most comprehensive set of network programming options currently available. See how you can employ these to make your IT organization more nimble, respond more quickly to business demands, and reduce operating costs.

Our experts explore a variety of use cases and demonstrate how Cisco open NX-OS enables you to increase agility, flexibility, and scalability; eliminate costly manual errors; and gain greater network visibility. Find out how you can take advantage of the complete open NX-OS toolbox, including:

  • Open object-based APIs, Python scripting, access to Linux native tools and interfaces, and Broadcom shell access
  • Open third-party and custom applications integration
  • Open support for DevOps automation and orchestration tools set
  • Open package management support: RPM
  • Open support for emerging overlay network technologies, including industry-standard BGP-EVPN control plane for VxLAN

Live Q&A Included

Find out how you can unleash the full potential of programmability in your network operations with Cisco open NX-OS.
AgendaTopics to be discussed include:

  • Next generation data center trends
  • Enhancing the network infrastructure
  • Use cases
  • Demos

Approximate duration: 60 minutes

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