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What could be the cause if you saw "Hang on Gdo1_4" When running hardware diag image?

Cisco Employee

When running the hardware diag image and hit "Hang on Gdo1_4" for RF test case #7, this indicate that write to the cc1200 register is timing out (MCU is waiting for the GDO1 (SPI MISO) signal to go low before it can write).

There could be few places to check for cause of such error:

1. make sure there is no solder issue of the board.

2. make sure the crystal is stable. Basing on the data sheet of or the write and read operation of cc1200, it is said that "When CSn is pulled low, the MCU must wait until CC120X SO pin(GDO1) goes low before starting to transfer the header byte. This indicates that the crystal is stable. Unless the chip was just reset or was in SLEEP or XOFF state, or the XOSC configuration has been altered, the SO pin will always go low immediately after pulling CSn low.

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