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ANNOUNCE: Cisco Unified Application Environment Release 8.0(1)

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Created by: Nagendra Kunuturi on 21-05-2010 06:13:06 AM
We are pleased to announce another addition to our releases, CUAE 8.0 (1). 

Highlights of CUAE 8.0 (1) are the following:
¿    Compatibility with UC 8.0
¿    Support for next generation IP phones
¿    Support for newer MCS hardware
¿    New API Additions to JTAPI, SIP, AXL and Extension Mobility
¿    Improved licensing and pricing
¿    Support for Application Designer on Vista OS
¿    Virtualization support (lab & demo only)
¿    Bundling of Web Ex plug-in

 Cisco Unified Application Environment version 8.0 (1) is available for download:
Following are the details of the CUAE 8.0 (1):
UC 8.0 Compatibility:
¿    Unified CM 8.0
¿    Unity 8.0
¿    Unity Connection 8.0
¿    Cisco Unified Presence 8.0

Next Gen. IP Phone support:
¿    Cisco Unified IP Phone 6900 Series
¿    Cisco Unified IP Phone 8900 Series
¿    Cisco Unified IP Phone 9900 series

Supported Hardware (MCS):
¿    MCS 7816H3, 7816H4
¿    MCS 7816H3, 7816H4
¿    MCS 7825I3, 7825H3, 7825I4, 7825H4
¿    MCS 7835I3, 7835H3, 7835I4, 7835H4
¿    MCS 7845I3, 7845I4, 7845H3, 7845H4

API Additions/Changes:
¿    JTAPI API support for Call Park/UnPark, Join Across lines, Direct transfer Across Lines, and Ad-Hoc Call Info.
¿    Join/Join Across Lines¿Enables calls on different phone lines to be joined and can also be used to create a conference. You can use the JTAPI Conference API to support this feature.
¿    Direct transfer Across Lines¿Enables two calls on different addresses of the same terminal to be transferred by using the Transfer soft key on the phone or the Transfer API that is provided by JTAPI. This feature uses the JTAPI Transfer API which accepts Call Object as input.
¿    Allows users to retrieve native Cisco JTAPI logs from Cisco Unified Application Environment.
¿    New Call Control APIs to support AcceptCallEarlyMedia, GetRemoteMedia
¿    Cisco Unified Presence changes to support the Unified Presence 7.x and 8.0
¿    AXL Support for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.1(3) and 8.0
¿    Additional Extension Mobility APIs and support for the Cisco Unified Communications Manager 7.x and 8.0

Developer Tools (Designer):
¿    Cisco Unified Application Designer supports Windows Vista.

New & Improved pricing & licensing:
¿    In a master and standby Cisco Unified Application Environment setup, standby server with Redundant licenses will be a redundant backup application/Media server and goes online on fail-over. Redundant licensing is applicable for both standby Application server and Media Server.
Virtualization for Lab deployments:
¿    This version of CUAE is tested on virtualized environment (VMWare ESXi4.0) however; please note that while virtualization will be fully supported in the near future, we currently support virtualization ONLY in a lab/demo environment and NOT in production deployments.

WebEx Bundling:                              
¿    Web Ex plugin is bundled with CUAE 8.0 (1) and available along with production version, WebEx Integration to Cisco Unified IP Phone allows users to start a WebEx meeting instantly on their desktops, so they can share documents and applications, while having a conversation on their Cisco Unified IP Phones.
Please more information about the release here:
Thank you for your continued support to move the product forward and we are working on the next release of the product with exciting new features.


Nagendra Kunuturi
IPCBU, Cisco Systems, India
Phone(s): +91-80-40635269 (Office), +91-9611900552 (Mobile)
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