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API http request from FLEX

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Created by: Alex Koromyslov on 05-08-2010 03:52:42 PM
Hello. I am developing custom app using S&S library. I downloaded API pdf which is saying that I have to use a webservise but later on in a pdf it is saying http request. Could you make it clear what type of request should I use to communicate with S&S
I downloaded a DMS API Tester which is working fine. Is ther any source file available to see how connection was established.

Subject: RE: API http request from FLEX
Replied by: Hashir Baqai on 15-11-2010 11:04:17 PM
As of the time of this posting, all Show and Share API calls are made via an HTTP POST request. You can view the source code for the DMS API Tester by opening it and right clicking anywhere in the application window. You will see a context menu show up that allows you to view source.