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Building a vertical solutions for fun and (big) profit is easy with SBP

This document was generated from CDN thread

Created by: Andrew Cadwell on 11-09-2008 04:03:11 AM
Vertical practices are easy to build in the UC suite from Cisco,
especially with tools like CUAE and Smart Business Portal. Create a
relevant enhancement to an industry standard business process. You can
use the Smart Business Portal as the application environment- and oh ya,
you can submit it for SIP for big bucks too!! Here are 2 examples...the
possibilities are ENDLESS...

Medical - Mashups of EMR and schedulers, inbound calls can be cross
referenced for unrelated condtions...example- Mrs Smith calls for a
prescription, and can be reminded that her duaghter is due for
vaccinations, and that her insurance claim has been paid in full from
last quarter. She schedules her duaghter, and 48 hours before the
appointment, and auto-dialer calls her to remind her of the appointment,
and then allows her an interaction with the Clinic Management System to
rebook the appointment.

Finance- Regional financial institutions are suffering due to the
current financial markets and mortgage meltdowns, but there are
opportunities to capture and retain market share in the recent rash of
brokerages going under. Many finacial institutions are cashing in on
this by beefing up or creating retail brokerages: a 1 stop shop for
clients. Mashups of these systems can add massive value when a high
value client calls in to place a trade, apply for a mortgage, etc. Cross
sell opportunties exist by trending data and customer behavior. Customer
loyalty is enhanced by practive auto notifications of fast changing
financial conditions....a real scenrio: Mr. Trader's portfolio has a
holding that suffers a 10% loss in one trading day. He is contacted
Automatically by his bank's communications manager and is notified of
the loss. he is then given te option to place a trade, sweep the funds
into a safe money market account, do nothing, or talk to the RB manager
to get advice. All automated, all for the cost of a discount brokerage
comission. Mr. Trader has peace of mind becuase he knows that his banker
has his back.

KickStart is available to all Cisco UC partners equally to help create
these types of Vertical communications enhanced business processes and
intelligent mashups using the Smart Business Portal and connectors
between Cisco UCM and business pocess applications. We are not a Cisco
partner in the traditional sense. You sell it, you run it, you get the
hardware and services margins....we dont do that. What we DO is help you
become an expert relevant to your customer's BUSINESS, so that they can
become more relevant to THIER customers....

Good Selling....