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Cisco Live Berlin 2016 BRKIP6-2100 IPv6 centric application development


Deployment of IPv6 is rapidly expanding. Support for IPv6 in applications is lagging behind. Application platform vendors are taking steps to to overcome this issue. This session starts reviewing why this evolution is happening, and what the benefits of IPv6 are to applications.

The majority of the session focuses on how applications should adopt and support IPv6 so it does not require a rewrite when your customer enables IPv6. We will look at C, ObjC, Swift, Java, PHP, and others. We examine address family independent socket APIs and what additional APIs different Operating Systems offer, how to test, and how different communities have moved towards IPv6 centric.

Finally, we are looking at more advanced IPv6 application aspects such as multi-address support.

This presentation is primarily focussed at application developers but should also be of interest to network operators to understand how future proof IPv6 applications are going to leverage the network, and what to look for in good IPv6 applications to deploy in the network.

Attendees are encouraged to also attend BRKIP6-2616 which provides background of a wide area of use cases for IPv6 applications.

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