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CMX API Documentation


The Cisco Meraki CMX API is a powerful resource. When combined with a map of access points in dashboard, the CMX API will report client locations as devices traverse a given floorplan. The location API delivers data in real-time from the Meraki cloud and can be used to detect WiFi devices (associated and non-associated) in real-time. The elements are exported via an HTTP POST of JSON data to a specified destination server. The raw data is aggregated from all access points within a network on the Meraki cloud, and sent directly from the cloud to an organization's data warehouse or business intelligence center. The JSON posts occur frequently, typically batched every minute for each AP.

CMX API Documentation

apMacstringMAC address of the observing AP
apTags[string]JSON array of all tags applied to the AP in dashboard
apFloors[string]JSON array of all floorplan names on which this AP appears
clientMacstringDevice MAC
ipv4stringClient IPv4 address; null if not available
ipv6stringClient IPv6 address; null if not available
seenTimeISO 8601 date stringObservation time in UTC; example: "1970-01-01T00:00:00Z"
seenEpochintegerObservation time in seconds since the UNIX epoch
ssidstringClient SSID name; null if the device is not connected
rssiintegerDevice RSSI as seen by AP
manufacturerstringDevice manufacturer; null if manufacturer could not be determined
osstringDevice operating system; null if the OS could not be determined
locationlocationDevice geolocation; null if location could not be determined
latdecimalDevice latitude in degrees N of the equator
lngdecimalDevice longitude in degrees E of the prime meridian
uncdecimalUncertainty in meters
x[decimal]JSON array of x offsets (in meters) from lower-left corner of each floorplan
y[decimal]JSON array of y offsets (in meteres) from lower-left corner of each floorplan
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