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Collaborating on code at the Hackathon


You can choose any mechanism that works for you and your team. Many of you will be working with existing open source projects, in which case it may most straightforward to use whatever source code repository and tooling are used within that projects.

Git and GitHub are commonly used for open source projects. Here are some pointers to get you started with Git and GitHub.

  1. Install Git on your laptop
  2. Join the default repository (a.k.a. repo) provided for the Hackathon
  3. Start working on any of the existing projects within this repo, or create a new project for your work. This is typically done by creating a fork of the repo.
  4. You may find it helpful to “follow” other team members and “watch” the project(s) on which you are working.

You are now up and running. For a quick reference of common git commands, see

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