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[Cuae-announce] ANNOUNCE:Cisco Unified Application Environment 2.5(1) Rel

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Created by: Jan Capps on 08-10-2008 05:29:50 PM
After many public betas and good times had by all, the Cisco Unified
Application Environment version 2.5(1) is available to download.

New and changed information for Cisco Unified Application Environment
Release 2.5(1):
  • Language and Integrated Development Environment Flexibility 
With this release, the Cisco Unified Application Environment provides a
new set of powerful development tools and provides expanded access to
o Popular languages (Java, C#) for writing to Unified Communications
APIs can now be used.
o APIs, which were previously only accessible from inside the Cisco
Unified Application Server, can be accessed by developers over the
network using new Etch technology.
o Network connection over the Etch Bridge supports Transport Layer
Security (TLS).
  • Enhanced Developer Experience 
These enhancements to the developer experience have been made:
o Because language and network barriers have been removed, developers
can now use their IDE and application container of choice for Cisco
Unified Application Environment development.
o Cisco Unified Application Environment APIs are now documented in
Javadoc and C#, and are installed to the developer machine with the
Developer Tools installer.
o A new developer community includes extensive example applications, API
references, and forums:
  • New Messaging Plugin 
o Developers can download a new plugin to build applications that
interact with Cisco Unity and Cisco Unity Connection, Release 7.0. The
Messaging API supports the reading and sending of voicemail. To download
the new plugin and associated documentation, go to
  • Enhanced Administration Experience 
These enhancements to the administrator experience have been made:
o The Cisco Unified Application Environment Administration interface was
updated to improve usability and provide administrators with a more
consistent look and feel across Cisco Unified Communications products
o New Etch-based Management API allows programmatic control of Cisco
Unified Application Environment Administration functions
  • Integration with Cisco Unified Communications Manager 
o Cisco Unified Application Environment, Release 2.5.1 is integrated
with Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Release 7.0, and continues
support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Releases 6.0 and 6.1,
and Cisco Unified CallManager, Releases 4.x and 5.x.
For more details about these changes, such as configuration options and
instructions for application and plugin developers, see the Cisco
Unified Application Environment 2.5(1) details at the following URL:
To get started with Cisco Unified Application Environment 2.5(1):
STEP - 1 -- Register at
If you are not yet a registered guest at, you will need sign
up to be able to download software, participate in the mailing lists and
to open issues. Go to
and sign up for your free guest account if you do not already have an
account at
STEP - 2 -- Signup to the new mailing lists
After registering, sign up for the new mailing lists. If you are
interested in trying out the public beta release(s), you should sign up
to the new CUAE Beta mailing list. The CUAE Beta list is the forum we
use to communicate with the developer community about all issues related
to beta releases. Go to to
sign up.
STEP - 3 -- Download the Software
Once you register with and you sign up for the mailing list,
you should download the software. The software may be downloaded from
the developer portal at the following URL:

STEP - 4 -- Open Bugs and Enhancement Requests
Finally, no pre-release software is perfect; bugs are expected. If you
find a bug or have trouble with a feature that just doesn't work quite
the way you think it should, open an issue in our new issues tracking
system at the developer portal: We will do our best to
resolve the problem as quickly as possible.



Jan Capps
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems, Inc
Phone: +1-512-336-3317

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