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[Cuae-announce] ANNOUNCE: Cisco Unified Application Environment Release 2

This document was generated from CDN thread

Created by: Shy Pease on 26-01-2009 04:44:37 PM

Cisco Unified Application Environment version 2.5(1) SR1 is available to

New and changed information for Cisco Unified Application Environment
Release 2.5(1) SR1:

  • New Messaging Plugin

Enables communication between the Cisco Unified Application Environment
and the Cisco Unity Server or Cisco Unity Connection Server to allow
developers to programmatically read, create, and send voicemail.

  • Improved Event Notifications

New event handlers provide notification of provider or plugin status
changes and application script ends.

  • Improved SIP Failover Support

Enhanced SIP failover support for Cisco Unified Communications Manager
clusters with two nodes (one publisher and one subscriber).

  • CUAE Package Ignore Files List

Allows developers to specify files to exclude from the package installed
to the Application Server.

  • Core Addendum and Prerequisite Update

With this release, the core addendum includes an upgrade to Dialogic HMP
3.0 SU 225.

This upgrade is required for Cisco Unified Application Environment to
function properly due to an issue between previous version of Dialogic
HMP and the Windows 2003 Server SP2.

For more details about these changes, such as configuration options and
instructions developers, see Release Notes for the Cisco Unified
Application Environment Release 2.5(1) SR1 at the following URL:

To get started with Cisco Unified Application Environment 2.5(1) SR1:
STEP - 1 -- Register at
If you are not yet a registered guest at, you will need sign
up to be able to download software, participate in the mailing lists and
to open issues. Go to
<> and sign up for your
free guest account if you do not already have an account at

STEP - 2 - Sign up for the mailing lists
After registering, sign up for the new mailing lists. Go to
<> to sign up.

STEP - 3 -- Download the software
Once you register with and you sign up for the mailing lists,
you can download the software. You can download software from the
developer portal at the following URL:

STEP - 4 -- Open Bugs and Enhancement Requests
If you find an issue, there are several resources available, depending
on the type of issue and your contract with

  • Cisco Developer Portal Issue Tracker
<> --Both bugs and enhancement
requests may be opened in the Issue Tracker. Issue tracking through the
Developer Portal, just like the forums, is "best effort." There is no
SLA required to submit an issue here.

by the Technical Assistance Center (TAC), specifically for upgrading and
installing the Cisco Unified Application Environment, administering it,
and running applications. Contact the TAC if you have purchased a Cisco
Unified Communications Essential Operate Service contract for your Cisco
Unified Application Server and Cisco Unified Media Engine.

  • Developer Support
--Provided by Developer Services, specifically for problems related to
developing applications, or when your applications are not operating
correctly. Contact Developer Services if you have purchased a Developer
Services contract.

Shyamali Pease

Technical Writer

CUAE Engineering, Cisco Systems <>

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