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[Cuae-announce] ANNOUNCE: Release 2.5 Beta II is available

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Created by: Jan Capps on 01-08-2008 09:40:16 PM

Cisco Unified Application Environment version 2.5 Beta II is available
for download.

This is pre-release software and should not be used in production

New and Changed Information for Cisco Unified Application Environment
for Release 2.5 Beta II:

*Easier upgrades with locked .Net assemblies
The version of the Cisco Unified Application Environment Framework Core
Assemblies (.NET assemblies) has been locked so that developers do not
have to rebuild their projects every time the Cisco Unified Application
Environment platform changes version.

*Streamlined production installation and initial setup
The verification of the Cisco Unified Application Environment service
user password in the production (non-SDK) installers has been
streamlined. In addition, the Cisco Unified Application Environment
Administration interface now walks the administrator through the basic
setup required for the Cisco Unified Application Server and the Cisco
Unified Media Engine.

*Transport Layer Security (TLS) for the Cisco Unified Application
Environment Management Service and Etch Bridge
The Cisco Unified Application Environment command-line tool and the
Cisco Unified Application Environment Administration now consume the
Management Service API using TLS. The Etch-based applications and
plugins now connect to the Etch Bridge using TLS. TLS encryption is
enabled by default, but authentication is not. Developers must add a TLS
parameter to connection URIs for applications and plugins to work

*KeepAlive support added for Etch Bridge
To rapidly detect connection failures, the Etch KeepAlive message filter
periodically checks the health of the client-server connection, and
resets it if it is not responsive. By default, KeepAlive messages are 15
seconds apart, and if four KeepAlive messages fail, the connection is
reset. The default delay and number of attempts can be configured.
Developers must add a KeepAlive filter to their connection URIs.

*MaxPacketSize support added for Etch Bridge
By default, Etch sets the MaxPacketSize at 16KB for applications and
plugins, and the Etch Bridge defaults to 100KB. The smaller of the two
is the default. To change the MaxPacketSize to 100KB, the developer must
add a MaxPacketSize parameter to their connection URIs.

*Management API procedures updated
File upload and download procedures within the Management API have been
updated into a uniform usage pattern.These procedures are used for
downloading logs, archives, MIBs, and statistical plot files as well as
uploading applications, plugins, and license files.

For more details about these changes, such as configuration options and
instructions for application and plugin developers, see the Cisco
Unified Application Environment 2.5.(1) Beta II details at the following

To take advantage of this public beta:

STEP - 1 -- Register at
If you are not yet a registered guest at, you will need sign
up to be able to download software, participate in the mailing lists and
to open issues. Go to
and sign up for your free guest account if you do not already have an
account at

STEP - 2 -- Signup to the new mailing lists
After registering, sign up for the new mailing lists. If you are
interested in trying out the public beta release(s), you should sign up
to the new "CUAE Beta" list. The "CUAE Beta" list will be the forum we
use to communicate with the developer community about all issues related
to beta releases. Go to and
sign up.

STEP - 3 -- Download the Software
Once you are registered with and you have signed up for the
mailing list, you should download the software. The software may be
downloaded from the developer portal here:

STEP - 4 -- Open Bugs and Enhancement Requests
Finally, no pre-release software is perfect, bugs are expected. When you
find a bug or are having trouble with a feature that just doesn't work
quite the way it should, open an issue in our new issues tracking system
at the developer portal. Go to and open new issues and we
will do our best to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.


... ENJOY!

This is an exciting time to be a Unified Communications developer. Your
feedback is very important to us. We are here to make you successful.



Jan Capps
Software Engineer
Cisco Systems, Inc
Phone: +1-512-336-3317
Cuae-announce mailing list

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