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[Cuae-announce] New Developer Portal and first Preview Release for CUAE 2

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Created by: James Dixson on 06-06-2008 10:15:18 PM

As promised at the Developer Conference last month, the first preview
release for Cisco Unified Application Environment version 2.5 is
available for download.

*This is pre-release software and should not be used in production

Key features of version 2.5:

  • new Administration Console and Management Service

  • Etch-based applications and plug-ins

Also, we are proud to announce the unveiling of our new Developer Portal
at . This portal maintains our new
public wiki and issue tracker as well as a growing library of documents,
presentations and example code. Expect rapid growth in portal content
over the coming weeks including the complete videos from the 2008


To take advantage of this public preview, do the following:

STEP - 1 -- Register at

If you are not yet a registered guest at, you will need sign
up to be able to download software, participate in forums and mailing
lists and to open issues. Go to to sign up for your free
guest account if you do not already have an account at

STEP - 2 -- Signup to the new mailing lists

After registering, sign up for the new mailing lists. If you are
interested in trying out the public beta release, you should sign up to
the "CUAE Beta" list. The "CUAE Beta" list will be the forum we use to
communicate with the developer community about all issues related to
beta releases. Go to to sign

*Note: We will be deprecating the Yahoo! group in the coming weeks.
So please use the new "CUAE Beta" list for discussions about this and
future preview releases.

STEP - 3 -- Download the Software

Once you are registered with and you have signed up for the
mailing list, you should download the software. The software may be
downloaded from the developer portal here:

STEP - 4 -- Open Bugs and Enhancement Requests

Finally, no pre-release software is perfect, bugs are expected. When you
find a bug or are having trouble with a feature that just doesn't work
quite the way it should, open an issue in our new issues tracking system
at the developer portal. Go to to open new issues and we
will do our best to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.


... ENJOY!

This is an exciting time to be a Unified Communications developer. Your
feedback is very important to us. We are here to make you successful.



James Dixson

Mgr, Software Development, Cisco Systems Inc.

p: 512-336-3305

m: 512-968-2116


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