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Daisy Chained IP Phones with Computers

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Created by: Joe DAgostino on 16-04-2013 05:23:06 AM
In many environments it is common to chain the network connection of the IP phone with the computer.
I have created an EnergyWise Management application that controls the power state of IP Phones. While the application is working fine I have a problem in situations where we power down IP phones with a network connection that is daisy chained to a computer. In this situation when the IP phone is powered down the chained computer looses all network connectivity. I want to change my application so that it can discover computers that are chained to a IP phone.
My question is the following :
Is there a way that I can discover whether a phone and computer are daisy chained together? Ideally I would like do this using EnergyWise to discover this, however I am prepared to use any technology that can give me this information.
I need to get the list of IP addresses or MAC addresses of computers and phones that are chained together.

Subject: RE: Daisy Chained IP Phones with Computers
Replied by: John Parello on 16-04-2013 03:56:01 PM
Hi Joe,
Check this blog post out with code. That should be what you need.

Subject: RE: Daisy Chained IP Phones with Computers
Replied by: Joe DAgostino on 17-04-2013 05:31:19 AM
Hi John,
Thanks for your response.
We actually collect the data outlined in the article you have referenced.
The technique outlined in this document will only work when both the phone and the computer are both EnergyWise enabled. That is when the IP Phone is EnergyWise enabled and when there is an EnergyWise client running on the computer. When this is the case, it is possible to determine the interface that each of the phones and computers are connected to and to match phones and computer that are connected to the same interface.
However in the environment we are dealing with there is currently no EnergyWise client running on the computers, only the IP Phones are EnergyWise enabled. Is there a different technique/technology that you could recommend instead?
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