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New Cisco UC Development Framework

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Created by: NICOLA FRACASSI on 19-03-2012 11:18:53 AM
FAR Networks is announcing the creation of a development framework whose aim is to replace the End of Sale Cisco Unified Application Environment

The goal of this framework is to provide a high level application
development interface that can simplify and allow a quicker creation of
applications and conversion of existing CUAE based applications.
Typical issues that "we" developers have to face in everyday job is that things change with different versions of CUCM, API's change and creating customized applications requires to face several compatilibity issues. The goal of this framework is to create an abstraction level that can simplify the development of UC applications (pretty as much as CUAE was intended for).
FAR Networks
is currently offering the usage of this application framework as a development
service, allowing us to migrate previously developed CUAE Applications. Several
ad-hoc and customized applications have been developed in these last years and
CUAE based applications have been migrated to this standard-based framework.
In the future we will provide this framework, currently knowwn as VSOP, as a public development tool.
For any further inquiry do not hesitate to contact me @
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