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Passing credentials to the API

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Created by: Drew Mortensen on 09-10-2010 01:22:37 PM
My organization has recently rolled out the latest version of Show and Share for use by our school districts. We are utilizing a lot of closed/private groups and embedding videos in external course management systems. As we serve over 20 independent districts, there is significant diversity in the capabilities of the various systems that they utilize. To that end, I am searching for a way to pass credentials to the API or other resource without using the swf login. I've started to investigate this, but am unsure if I am on the right track... If I understand it correctly, the API accepts HTTP POST in enctype="application/xml"... If that is correct, then I should be able to pass  <username> and <password> with the authenticate user query. Is this accurate? I would appreciate any thoughts on creating an alternate login that doesn't use a SWF.

Subject: RE: Passing credentials to the API
Replied by: Hashir Baqai on 15-11-2010 11:18:53 PM
Show and Share uses Basic Access Authentication, a commonly used method that allows a client to provide username/password credentials. You can choose a number of different clients/programming languages to implement this. Using Flash (ie, a swf) is just one of these.
There is an example of how to do this for Java using HttpClient3.0 in the Digital Signs section of the forum. The method of authentication is the same for Show and Share:
There are many other clients that you could be using, and we don¿t have examples for all of them. However, since this is a fairly common form of authentication, you should be able to find various resources online that explains how to implement this for the client that you are using.
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