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Pro services opportunity: Envisioning Phase for SBP views...

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Created by: Andrew Cadwell on 17-09-2008 05:37:58 AM
To create a successful mashup that integrates communications to optomize business process, its important to formalize the envisioning process. For client side value applications and "layer 8" integrations, its important to conside the User Experience or UX as a key driver for the solution. This envisioning can then drive the final solution. The fomalized process looks like this and is a billable pro-services opportunity...

1. Vertical Requirements/User Roles
2. Evaluate User Environments
a. Desktop
b. Applications
c. WWW relevance
d. Business Processes
e. Communications Processes
f. Thought Processes
3. Discover technical requirements
a. Web based
b. API integrations
c. Database integrations
d. Webparts
e. etc
4. State Impact
a. Strategic(business)
b. Tactical(user)
5. Solution Overview
6. User Experience(UX)
a. Defines Views
b. Thought-flow
c. Communications
7. Technical feasibility
a. CTI/Telephony integration
b. Defines application connectors
c. Webparts functionality
8. Document
a. Solution Overview DOCS
i. Impact
ii. Solution Overview
iii. (UX) Diagram
iv. Technical Diagram
b. Preliminary SOW
c. Planning SOW

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