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Sample Show and Share API call using Java and HttpClient 3.0

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Created by: Hashir Baqai on 25-01-2011 02:17:57 PM
Attached you will find a set of classes that demonstrate the usage of our API in Java (with the help of HttpClient 3.0). To use these, place all classes into a single package, obtain the necessary .jar files to resolve build issues, and rename variables to fit your environment (ie: you will need to enter your Show and Share host name, username, password, etc). The class demonstrates the usage of the POST method with Show and Share 5.2 API. The other two classes are support classes that do not directly make any DMS API calls.

This code has been made available for demonstration purposes ONLY. Please note that no part of this code is officially supported by Cisco or any of its developers. There is no promise that this code will work appropriately in any given environment. It is strongly discouraged to use this code in a production environment. Neither Cisco nor its developers are responcible for any loss, whether direct or indirect, due to the use of this code.

Subject: RE: Sample Show and Share API call using Java and HttpClient 3.0
Replied by: ahm gawad on 23-01-2012 02:58:34 PM
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