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Cisco Employee

Define a order in Service Template commands


Dear experts,



I’m experiencing problem regarding order definition of commands to be executed on the target device (driven by template file).



to configure MPLS Traffing Engineering (this problem could be easily found under other features like ‘ipv6 unicast routing’ and so on….) under IOS is my priority place a global command mpls traffic-eng tunnels before starting configure TE directives under interfaces to avoid a warning command



R14(config)#int GigabitEthernet0/1.614


R14(config-subif)#mpls traffic-eng tunnels


LSP tunnels are not enabled on this router.



warning because the command is actually accepted



interface GigabitEthernet0/1.614


encapsulation dot1Q 614


ip address


ip router isis


mpls traffic-eng tunnels                           <<<<


mpls ip


isis network point-to-point





R14#sh run | i  mpls traffic-eng tunnels


mpls traffic-eng tunnels                           <<<<


R14#conf t


Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.


R14(config)#interface GigabitEthernet0/1.614


R14(config-subif)#no  mpls traffic-eng tunnels




when I defined the service template file I placed xml directive on the top of the file



<config-template xmlns=""




  <devices xmlns="">








      <mpls xmlns="urn:ios">                                      <<<<<


        <traffic-eng>                                             <<<<<


          <tunnels/>                                              <<<<<


        </traffic-eng>                                                    <<<<<


      </mpls>                                                     <<<<<


      <interface xmlns="urn:ios">


         <GigabitEthernet xmlns="urn:ios">



















after recompilation and pkgs reload ops I populate my service data and try a commit DR native



admin@ncs(config)# services te dev-R14


admin@ncs(config-te-dev-R14)# topological-protocol-info protocol isis cisco_ios Loopback 0


admin@ncs(config-te-dev-R14)# interfaces 2 cisco_ios int GigabitEthernet mod-ge 0/1.114


admin@ncs(config-interfaces-2)# interfaces 3 cisco_ios int GigabitEthernet mod-ge 0/1.614






admin@ncs(config-interfaces-3)# commit dry-run outformat native


native {


    device {


        name dev-R14


        data interface GigabitEthernet0/1.114


              mpls traffic-eng tunnels


              ip rsvp bandwidth 10000




             interface GigabitEthernet0/1.614


              mpls traffic-eng tunnels


              ip rsvp bandwidth 10000




             mpls traffic-eng tunnels                                     <<<<<


             router ospf 1




              mpls traffic-eng router-id Loopback0


              mpls traffic-eng area 0


              mpls traffic-eng multicast-intact




             router isis


              mpls traffic-eng level-2


              mpls traffic-eng multicast-intact


              mpls traffic-eng router-id Loopback0









now, seems that the global command (placed in red) will be executed after the interface command and this lead to an error and a rollback



admin@ncs(config-interfaces-3)# commit


Aborted: External error in the NED implementation for device dev-R14: mpls traffic-eng tunnels:


LSP tunnels are not enabled on this router.



I tried to find a tag in XML to specify an order (nso_development/ch11s03s07.html suggest a similar situation but is not possible to apply them in here) with no success.



could you suggest me some tips to handle this situation?



additional data:


nso 4.3


ios neds 4.1.1





Cisco Employee


Hi Francesco,



The order of commands within a transaction is determined by the NED. The issue you are seeing is a typical scenario where you should open a TAC case. TAC will work with the Tail-f NED team to resolve your issue.




Best Regards,


.:|:.:|:. Michel Papiashvili


Cisco Employee


If this is IOS (or even IOS-XR) and you’re seeing a “warning” that is not covered by the NED, you may be able to _add_




Check the README file in the cisco-ios NED for details… in part:




  1. 4. Configure additional config warning exceptions





   After having sent a config command to the device the NED will treat


   any text reply as an error and abort the transaction. The config


   command that caused the failed transaction will be shown together


   with the error message returned by the device. Sometimes the text


   message is not an actual error. It could be a warning that should be


   ignored. The NED has a static list of known warnings, presently these:




   If you stumble upon a warning not in the list above, which is quite


   likely due to the large number of warnings, you can configure the


   NED to ignore them under ned-settings in the cisco-ios-config-warning


   list. The list resides in three places and you can configure a


   warning in any of these:



     devices device iosdev ned-settings cisco-ios-config-warning


     devices global-settings ned-settings cisco-ios-config-warning


     devices profiles profile cisco-ios ned-settings cisco-ios-config-warning



cisco-ios-config-warning is a regular expression string list of


   warnings that should also be ignored.



   For example, to add a new warning exception:



admin@ncs(config)# devices profiles profile cisco-ios ned-settings


cisco-ios-config-warning "Address .* may not be up"


admin@ncs(config-profile-cisco-ios)# commit


     Commit complete.


admin@ncs(config-profile-cisco-ios)# devices device iosdev disconnect


admin@ncs(config-profile-cisco-ios)# devices device iosdev connect


     result true


     info (admin) Connected to iosdev



   Note that in order for the warning exception to take effect, you


   must disconnect and connect again.





perhaps this helps - i have not tested this (for you) nor tried this myself - but did notice it as a possible feature i might need








Cisco Employee


Hi Gregg



it worksss!!!!



thank you very much for your time






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