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Four Pillars of Orchestration webcast


Hi everyone,

I recently watched the "Four Pillars of Orchestration" webcasts on (1 of 4: and was quite impressed with the demo of NSO. Some questions came to mind during the course of the four webcasts:

1. In session 1 of 4, slide 22, some NED's are mentioned (VTS NED and vCenter NED) which look very interesting. From what I gather the latter allows instantiating VMs in VM Wares vSphere client!? Have these NEDs been written specifically for a project or are they obtainable via DevNet (or other channels) for developers to “play around with”? In the list of NEDs on DevNet I can see a Vmware-vshield PoC grade that the one? Is the VTS NED an "interface" to Cisco Virtual Topology System?

2. The UI of NSO in the demo looks quite different to the standard “vanilla” WebUI I am familiar with (and I don’t just mean the color, rather the topology view of the L3VPN and the network). Was all this achieved simply by creating /editing YANG models determining the UI? Or did actual coding (using language such as i.e. Java or Python) result in this UI? For instance the Drag and Drop and expanding of the volvo_vbranch item in the topology view! (How) can this be achieved with NSO only? Or are other products required/involved (e.g. Cisco VTS)?

3.In the demo of session 2 of 4 there is an import of VNFDs (seemingly in XML format). Is it possible to obtain such XML example files to better understand what is going on? Is this possibly touched on in the NSO examples shipped with NSO?

I realize that these are quite a bunch of questions actually. I am planning to revisit some of the examples shipped with NSO to see whether some of the stuff is touched on there. In the mean time I would really appreciate some clarification, especially on points 1. and 2. Unfortunately I wasnt able to attend the sessions live and therefore couldnt pose my questions during the Q & A at the end of each session.

Thank you in advance.


Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

The webcasts may also be found on NSO DevNet

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