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Cisco Employee

NSO 4.2 GUI issue


Hello folks,



I wanted to check about a GUI issue with NSO 4.2. We are planning to use this GUI for a demo and hence wanted to make sure if this issue can be resolved.






The issue is related to the "enumeration" data-type. In the Yang model we have containers which have lists which in turn have leaves of type “enum”.



What we noted was:


    • The enum fields that are directly inside the containers are displayed properly as a dropdown field in the UI.

    • The enum fields that are within lists inside the containers are not displayed as dropdown fields & are just displayed as plain-text fields.


Below are the Yang snippets with the respective screenshots of both the enum fields.


Appreciate any feedback on this.



Enum field inside container:





container boot-image {
            leaf server {
                tailf:info "Image Repository Server IP Address / hostname";
                type string;

            leaf username {
                tailf:info "Image Repository Server Username";
                type string;

            leaf password {
                tailf:info "Image Repository Server Password";
                type string;

            leaf protocol {
                tailf:info "Protocol used for image file transfer";
                default ftp;
                type enumeration {
                    enum ftp;
                    enum sftp;


Enum field within a list inside a container:





container plan {
            tailf:info "Select the upgrade steps and their order";
            list step {
                key "step-name";
                unique step-num;
                leaf step-name {
                    tailf:info "Step name";
                    default copy-os-boot-image;
                    type enumeration {
                        enum copy-os-boot-image;
                        enum save-configuration;
                        enum set-boot-priority;
                        enum cut-interim-cdr;
                        enum newcall-reject;
                        enum show-subscribers;
                        enum flush-subscribers;
                        enum synchronize-file-system;
                        enum copy-running-standby;
                        enum change-boot-image;
                        enum pre-upgrade-show;
                        enum post-upgrade-show;
                        enum reload;

                leaf step-num {
                    tailf:info "Step position in the plan, i.e. 1st, 2nd, etc.";
                    type uint16 {
                        range "1..11";

                leaf step-wait-time {
                    tailf:info "Time (seconds) to wait before running this step. (default: 30)";
                    default 30;
                    type uint16 {
                        range "0..600";
                leaf enabled {
                    tailf:info "Is this step enabled and included in the upgrade execution?";
                    default "true";
                    type boolean;

Giri Venugopal

Cisco Employee

Re: NSO 4.2 GUI issue




  Bug. Please submit a TAC ticket

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