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onePK hosting on a Router

Are there examples of hosting onePK apps on routers?  Can this be tested on the all in one onePK VM vIOS images?  If not, can you provide some detail on how the app is loaded, launched, and how a connection is created to the device (does it just use a router IP and connect over an internal IP connectoin, etc.) etc.?

I'm hearing rumors that hosting onePK apps on a remote server won't be around for much longer and the only option in the future will be to host them on the router.  Can this be confirmed?


Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

OnePK will not run on routers at the moment.  It will never run on IOS, but could run on IOS-XE or IOS-XR down the line.  However, there are no short-term plans to allow for this.  That said, this spring we will be releasing support for third-party apps to be installed in LXC-based containers on Nexus 3000 series switches.

There are no plans to remove support for end-node hosted support of onePK apps.

So just to clarify, the onePK would run in the LXC and still create a NE just as it is today (pick an IP Address that is reachable and connect to it?)?

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Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Not exactly.  The onePK app runs within an LXC on the NE and uses the TIPC protocol to communicate with (i.e., the local NE).

Roger that.  Thanks!

But in the demos & slides available in the net I see that onePK will run on IOS. Was that planned but has been canceled afterwards?

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

OnePK runs with IOS in that you can connect a onePK app to a device running IOS.  But classic IOS is a monolithic operating system.  You cannot run other virtualized processes on it.  The only hosting models that will work with a classic IOS device is endnode and blade.  Devices running IOS-XE, on the other hand, could support on-box process hosted apps.  A plan to support third party apps running in process hosted mode on IOS-XE has not been committed yet, though.

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