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Cisco Employee

Out off band management system with 6x9 uptime


I am designing as requested by customer a 99.9999% available out of band network to manage core components this means HALF a minute (ok little more 31.536  seconds)downtime per year!!!!!


I don’t need GUI connectivity cli/tftp is enough


To be able to do that



Dedicated inband/out band management channel (I have GUI here)


AN networking configured (still have GUI here but admin shut on uplink port will kill this one)


I need a console connection to the forwarding box (ASR9k in this case)


I need a separate service provider to a terminal (thinking of a ISR)


The ISR needs 2 or preferably 3 IP connections to the outside world (LTE/DSL/WIMAX etc…..)



Above is the simple part :-) this I can design and understand might not have written down all options.


So to be able to mange the ASR (core device) without sending any one over to that site I need remote console access at ALL times. This means installing as ISR with external connection(s) also not to difficult. But what I don’t understand and have not found a sollution for is how do we manage the ISR (terminal server) what are the recommended procedures do we add them to the MAIN NMS or do we create a separate NMS to manage the terminal servers. How do we manage the connectivity to the ISR’s (terminal services) how do we make sure that finance pays the bills to the sim card or dsl connection how do we test connectivity up to the terminal server. Etc etc.


This network is not worried on costs and customer fully understand 1x 9 extra doubles the cost and if they had the choice they rater go to 7x9 uptime on console than 6.





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Cisco Employee

Re: Out off band management system with 6x9 uptime




Does anyone have an answer or point of view to Nico’s problem? Thanks





Cisco Employee

Re: Out off band management system with 6x9 uptime


Hi Tony,

I do not believe this is a NSO question. I would recommend the customer to contact its respective account Systems Engineering for routing and discuss the best architecture. From NSO perspective, the only info we could add is that the latest IOS NED supports managing devices via console access.




Cisco Employee

Re: Out off band management system with 6x9 uptime


Roque, that’s correct this is not an NSO question but our NSO community is +600 people big with lots of general OSS experts and skilled SE’s in the team so just widening the scope in an attempt to get an answer.





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