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Setting Timeout for CLI-Extension app command execution

Hi all,

I'm trying to develop a CLI-Extension application which includes some custom show commands.

It works fine if the server responds in less than 5 seconds. If it takes more (which is likely in my scenario) I get a "No Response from application." from the device. The following debug onep output shows that there is a default 5 seconds timeout.

Is there a way to change this timeout (via the device CLI or the onepk API)? Or is there another way to get that same result?

Thank you in advance.



.Jun 28 00:06:37.710: [info][tid: 116][ONEP][CLI]: Sending Show command <?xml version="1.0"?>

<NISApp xmlns=""><exec><exec_show_nis><show/><nis/></exec_show_nis></exec></NISApp>

pid 116 Exec [fetch_obj_exec_af:2607]

.Jun 28 00:06:37.711: [info][tid: 116][ONEP][CLI]: Waiting for timed events [fetch_obj_exec_af:2621]

.Jun 28 00:06:37.711: [info][tid: 146] [session id: 2787] [ONEP][CLI]: Network Handler <?xml version="1.0"?>

<NISApp xmlns=""><exec><exec_show_nis><show/><nis/></exec_show_nis></exec></NISApp>

Empty 2 [network_app_exec_handler:1124]

.Jun 28 00:06:38.711: [info][tid: 116][ONEP][CLI]:

No Response, Waiting 5 Seconds [fetch_obj_exec_af:2625]

.Jun 28 00:06:38.711: [info][tid: 116][ONEP][CLI]: Waiting for timed events [fetch_obj_exec_af:2621]

.Jun 28 00:06:39.711: [info][tid: 116][ONEP][CLI]:

No Response, Waiting 4 Seconds [fetch_obj_exec_af:2625]

.Jun 28 00:06:39.711: [info][tid: 116][ONEP][CLI]: Waiting for timed events [fetch_obj_exec_af:2621]

.Jun 28 00:06:40.711: [info][tid: 116][ONEP][CLI]:

No Response, Waiting 3 Seconds [fetch_obj_exec_af:2625]

.Jun 28 00:06:40.711: [info][tid: 116][ONEP][CLI]: Waiting for timed events [fetch_obj_exec_af:2621]

.Jun 28 00:06:41.711: [info][tid: 116][ONEP][CLI]:

No Response, Waiting 2 Seconds [fetch_obj_exec_af:2625]

.Jun 28 00:06:41.711: [info][tid: 116][ONEP][CLI]: Waiting for timed events [fetch_obj_exec_af:2621]

.Jun 28 00:06:42.711: [info][tid: 116][ONEP][CLI]:

No Response, Waiting 1 Seconds [fetch_obj_exec_af:2625]

.Jun 28 00:06:42.711: [info][tid: 116][ONEP][CLI]: Waiting for timed events [fetch_obj_exec_af:2621]

No Response from application.


.Jun 28 00:06:43.711: [info][tid: 116][ONEP][CLI]:

No Response, Waiting 0 Seconds [fetch_obj_exec_af:2625]

.Jun 28 00:06:43.979: [146] [ONEP][CLI]:

ApplManagedData_setShowDataIDL_AL:setShowData[<?xml version="1.0"?>

<NISApp xmlns=""><exec><exec_show_nis><show/><nis/></exec_show_nis></exec></NISApp>

] set to Error retrieving data from NIS session_handle[2787]


.Jun 28 00:06:43.980: [146] [ONEP][CLI]: Message name <?xml version="1.0"?>

<NISApp xmlns=""><exec><exec_show_nis><show/><nis/></exec_show_nis></exec></NISApp>

, val Error retrieving data from NIS, pid -1, name Exec [onep_amd_exec_data_output_shim:134]

.Jun 28 00:06:43.980: [146] [ONEP][CLI]: Cant send message -1 <Exec> [onep_amd_exec_data_output_shim:140]

Joe Clarke
Hall of Fame Cisco Employee

Unfortunately, this timer is hardcoded to be five seconds.  I don't immediately see a way to get around this.  However, I will file an enhancement request to allow this timer to be configured.

Thanks for your reply Joseph.

I hope to see this enhancement soon in the upcoming releases.

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