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Cisco Employee





Our customer is planning to have WAE and NSO in the network, we will integrate L1 network in the WAE and we will use SRLG values to assign it to the interfaces  in the plan file.


The customer want to use NSO to configure the network with the same SRLG add in the WAE, the request is to have this process automated, so when the customer add a new SRLG  value on a link, NSO configures it automatically



I was checking and found that NSO can get the SRLG values from WAE with a rest get request






so below the steps that the customers wants in details


1- Adding the new SRLG value In WAE


2- WAE and NSO to use rest API to populate the information  (device, interface, srlg values)


3- NSO to trigger the service and start configuring the network


Thank you all


Cisco Employee


It might be better to address WAE related requests like this to



Not all of the  WAE Product teams monitor the  NSO  Service Orchestration  email.



WAE 7.0 will negate much of what is suggested below.



You should be able  to obtain SRLG data and any other collected or  template data from the WAE 7.0 Server that holds the model.



That data would be obtained via X-Path or NAVU calls  direct to WAE 7.0’s embedded NSO Runtime CDB directly.



Just as you might interface within  an NSO Cluster.



- Regards Martin


Cisco Employee


  • WAE 7.0’s embedded NSO Runtime CDB directly



Please do not use this wording. Please say that WAE 7.0 is built on a YANG runtime, which is the same as the one in NSO. It is crucial that we avoid any implication that if you buy WAE then you get NSO, or that you can run other NSO service applications on the YANG runtime that comes with WAE. That is not the case. If a customer needs the NSO platform, then they need to purchase that separately. The same applies of course to VTS, UltraEM, and other products that use the YANG runtime. None of these should ship any developer tools, and all of them are licensed only for the specific use in the context of WAE, etc.






Cisco Employee



Thanks KJ.



Team, we’ve discussed this numerous times internally as a BU and during field events. The official wording is Yang run-time as we need to protect the NSO brand and continue a fruitful collaboration with the NSO team.



If you have any concerns or you want to discuss it further, please reach out to me.



Cheers, Marcelo


Cisco Employee


Hi Marcelo,



One point I am still not 100% sure.



Will WAE 7.0, by using the “YANG run-time”, going to expose a NETCONF API?



(I hope so.) If you do so, I would urge you to test NSO—WAE via NETCONF as part  of your integration tests. There are some small tricks needed to make that integration to work “out-of-the-box” and best to get it right from day one. I have seen some other Cisco products using the “YANG-RUNTIME” that failed in this area.







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