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A public forum for managed service providers to discuss Duo. Please use for any program, multi-tenancy, or partner manager directed questions.
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We have clients listed as Child Accounts. I would like to assign certain users access to certain Child Accounts but not others. I called support and this does not seem possible at this time. Besides creating email aliases/logins for each child accoun...

tgeo-duo by Level 1
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Amy2 by Level 5
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I apologize if this question has already been answered here. I have done my best to find an answer on my own, but have been unsuccessful. We just joined DUO as an MSP. I see that in our top-level MSP account, we have Applications and Users (and for...

Are there any working code examples of implementing Duo in an built site? I am struggling with calling the verify response and where to put it and how to call it. I’d like to see the structure. Thanks, Scott

sthmpsn1 by Level 1
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Hi, we are testing Duo UNIX in a multi-tenanted hosting environment for SSH access. The UNIX users accessing the Linux servers are in two different groups with two different MSP accounts. At a high level the users are grouped into “admins” which come...

BSC01 by Level 1
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Hi all, I’m working on setting up DUO; I work for an MSP who has several different clients. I’ve added myself and a few others in our office for testing and it seems to be going well. My question is: Since we have several other clients, with dozens /...

JuniorSA by Level 1
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