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access to the CAR through SOAP AXL API


do you know if its possible to query CAR (tbl_billing_data) through AXL by executeSQLQuery element? I found that this access worked on the CUM 5.x - 7.x but I can't find any information for CUCM 10.x - 11.x

Or do you know another option how to collect some information about the calls from CAR?



Cisco Employee

The CAR database is not accessible via AXL.

For applications which need to analyze CDR data, it is recommended that you configure the application as a CDR FTP delivery target in the UCM Serviceability config pages (up to three targets are configurable.)  UCM will then periodically deliver CSV format CDR files to the application (by default, per 1 minute), which you can import into a database or otherwise analyze as needed.

Any chance of this being fixed? It seems a huge step backwards for recent versions.

Not aware of any upcoming changes in this area...

I would imagine that the restriction was intended to force 'offload' of potentially very heavy ad hoc CDR-related DBMS data processing from the real time call-control platform.  With the raw CDR data delivered to an application via FTP, the application is free to filter, index, query, join or otherwise crunch the data as desired without effecting mission critical CUCM performance.

That's really unfortunate given that CAR is showing 700,000 error records and the recommended analysis is to look in the error database table (*sigh*) which would be a lot easier without trying to use the CLI to analyze things.

Perhaps the CAR Error analysis needs improvement if there isn't going to be a better way to access the error table.

Alexey Smirnov

For applications that need a continuous feed of all CDR records, use the CDR Service to configure the CDR Repository Manager to send CDR data files to your server via FTP or SSH-FTP.

To retrieve individual CDR files on demand, use the CDRonDemand API. However, this API is intended for ad-hoc inspection of a small number of individual files and is not suitable for bulk CDR retrieval. CDRonDemand requests are limited to 15 requests per minute by default.

Earlier releases like 7-8-9 had this Cisco Unified Communications Manager XML Developers Guide with a description of Seviceability AXL CDRondemand service.

Now it's "hidden" in devcommunity web site here Cisco DevNet

And yes - it's not possible to query CDR database directly with SOAP

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