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AXL vendorConfig

Hi all,

I can see a whole bunch of configuration fields for a phone in CUCM 10.5(1) under the "Product Specific Configuration Layout" section of the GUI but am not able to collect that same information using AXL. Some blog post pointed me to grabbing the <vendorConfig> tag but when I did - it only contained very small amount of that information. Another post pointed me to executing a SQL stored procedure (since the xml column no longer exists on the device table) called dbreaddevicexml but no information got returned from it when I executed it.

So how can I get the rest of the fields I see in the CUCM GUI?

Thank you.


Thanks I never really completed this, but I got as far as building one complete xsd from all the files, including default values and some optimizing for redundant element types. My goal was a xsd with venetian blind design that contains all the phones. I still have to unroll some encapsulated types but I am almost there. There is a lot of redundancy in the type definitions in the vendorConfig files. In order to create pretty code I simply collapsed those that were functionally the same into one type that could be reused. I am well aware of that it might break in the future, but with all that is broken in the vendorConfig already I rather have simple code than 58 redundant classes that does exactly the same thing. Something more interesting (don't remember what...) came in between and I never finished this though.

Stumbled across this. Thanks! Weird how you cannot use zeep for the vendor Configs using the same data structure as the rest and you have to pass the data via XML? 

Yes, the vendorConfig is an xml-in-xml thingy with a completely different (non-documented) schema. Probably due to different business units form CUCM vs IP Phones within Cisco. Don't know about Zeep, but theoretically you should be able to map the xsd built according to the instructions in my previous posts to the vendorConfig's "any" field, so you don't have to craft the xml by hand.

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