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Walkthrough Wednesdays
Sandro Galletti

AXLAPIService KIT for C# .Net Application for v8 to 11.5

Hi guys,

i want to share with you a small application developed by me.
This application build 2 dlls from wsdl and xsd file contained in AXL API TOOLKIT.
I had a lot of problems (all solvable) to communicate with cucm throught AXL API, first problem is to create the correct
.cs file to use with my application.
To made it i had used the wsdl.exe , next i have applied the modifies containde in the readme file, you can find it into Main folder.
Next i would create the dll file to use as reference in my projects, but some errore coming out when you build the .dll from the .cs file, example this one below:

error CS0030: Cannot convert type 'UpdateSoftKeySetReqAddCallStates' to 'UpdateSoftKeySetReqRemoveCallStates'

To avoid from this errors, i had to edit the .cs builded from .wsdl, changing the type in the needed rows.
then i coulded build the dll using the cs file modified before ,with success.

Then i used the dll as reference for the c# project , but when the application connected to cucm, the first instance of the AXLAPIService, it took a long time to response..
I have investigated the issue and i discovered that the problem is the real time serializatioin of all commands from the dll.
So i created this small windows application to create 2 dlls, one is the commands dll and the other one
is the serialize dll, in this way the connection to cucm is very quick.


I attach the ZIP file with the application, with it i hope to help someone that is in difficult to find a right way to implement axlapi with c#.
The axl version that i have tested are from 8 to 11.5 , next time i'll try with 12.5 and i i found some difference i will update the application.
For any problem pls reply here,thx you.



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