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could not connect to database


Hi all:


     I'm working on AXL API for just 2 days. So everthing is new for me.

     I just want to get call history with the script "http://{AppServerIPAddr}:8080/axlServices/callHistory?device=#DEVICENAME#".

     The situation is I have downloaded "axlServices.war" and configured by the guide step by step.

     I have deployed the .war on Tomcat.

     "https://<CUCM-IP>:8443/axl/" is OK.

     But I could not connect to CDR database by ODBC Datasource on Windows 8.1(X64).

     Also, I have configured the CUCM by the guide "Cisco Unified CDR Analysis and Reporting Administration Guide, Release 9.1(1) - CDR Analysis and reporting tool [Cisco U…".

     I got an Error on dashboard when I log on CAR like:


No. of records in Tbl_Billing_Data No. of records in Tbl_Billing_Error

     And I got an Error when I export the "Top N" report like: "30061 : Data is not available in the Database".



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Can you elaborate on where you found reference to  'axlServices.war'?

UC Manager does not support ODBC access to any of its local resources (like CDRs) AFAIK.  Perhaps you are referring to a very old document related to UC Manager version 4 or earlier, which were Windows based.  As of UCM 5+, the product has moved to a linux appliance model, with more defined interfaces.

UCM can provide CDR records to applications via two mechanisms:

- FTP 'push'.  Up to 3 applications can be configured in UCM to receive uploads of the CDR records (CSV format) periodically (default every minute.)  UCM manages all the aspects of CDR storage, tracking and delivery.  This is the primary mechanism apps should use for CDR solutions

Cisco Unified Serviceability Administration Guide, Release 10.0(1) - Tools and Reports [Cisco Unified Communications Ma…

- CDR On Demand API.  This is a SOAP services that allows applications to query for and request FTP push delivery of individual CDR files (CSV format.)  This interface is used primarily for admin purposes, e.g. to browse and retrieve specific CDR files for forensic analysis.

Cisco Unified Communications Manager XML Developers Guide, Release 9.1(1) - Serviceability XML API [Cisco Unified Commun…

There is not a simple mechanism to get an individual phone's call history on demand, as that history is stored in bulk CDR files.  The best approach is usually to subscribe the app for FTP push delivery of CDRs, then import them into some kind of local database which is then available for querying.


     I found ‘axlServices.war’ at "" and done with the guide placed in it.(i'll upload the guide.)

     I am configing via the document you provided me.

     Should I add new billing server?


     If so, the window always shows "loading.." when I save my options.

     Is there any matters about he parameter "Directory Path" or any validations inside while I am adding this?

     BTW, My CUCM version is 9.1.1-20000-5.

Deeply appreciate your help


For now, when I access the Role "Standard AXL API Access" to end user, "Top N" in CAR works.

Maybe, I should create a database named CDR on my publisher server while it should be the billing server. Because I configured "Phone service" point to my publisher server.

BTW, I coundnt add billing server in "CDR Management" while it always shows "loading...".

Hope it works.

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