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ringSchedule in remoteDestination is always empty

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As per the schema, a remoteDestination has a ringSchedule tag which should contain a set of 0 to 7 ringScheduleMembers, each containing a start time, an end time, a start day and an end day.

Yet, no matter what kind of remote destination I extract (those attached to a dual mode device or those attached to a remote destination profile), the ringSchedule tag remains empty. The only way I have to get the schedule is look at the todAccessName, extract that todAccessName, look in the members for one that has a non empty timeScheduleName, extract the timeSchedule, and from the members of the timeSchedule, extract the timePeriod which finally gives me one row of what per the schema should be part of the remoteDestination.

I haven't tried to see what happens if I try updating the RD using the ringSchedule or what happens if I create one from scratch and fill the ringSchedule, but something is clearly wrong with that tag.

Could it be that it was obsoleted a long time ago and never removed?

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So I made my tests with adds/updates that contain the ringSchedule. Interestingly, that works just fine. However, returned ring schedule members do not contain an uuid element.

But that still begs the question why if the schedule is added via ccmadmin, it is hidden in the todAccess - timeSchedule - timePeriod objects whereas if the schedule is added via AXL, it is then being returned in the ringSchedule tag. And of course it also raises the question what would happen if I update a user that has a ringSchedule configured via ccmadmin through an AXL update using the ringSchedule tag.

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