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SOAP Request to Add Remote Destination having issues

Level 1
Level 1

We are using SOAP requests to create several elements in the UCM, one of which is Remote Destinations.  We are seeing an issue (only when executed in high volume) where the resulting configuration looks correct, but calls are not being directed to the RD (using Single Number Reach) unless we manually go in and disable/re-enable the line association on the RD.

  The SOAP request we've confirmed is attempting to do the RD add and the line association in a single request, which works ok under lower volume... what is the best practice for creating this config element via SOAP?.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What version of UCM are you using?


Also, when you say "high volume", do you mean a large number of sequential operations?  If so, make sure to grab JSESSIONID from the first response, and re-use it for the rest of the sequential operations.  This tells Tomcat to use one session for all the requests instead of spawning a new Tomcat session for each request.  This can reduce the load dramatically and help avoid problems.