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VendorConfig section presents inconsistent information

Pasha Teplitsky

When I use AXL getPhone and look at the VendorConfig section the values don't make much sense in terms of:


1. I was unable to map 0/1 to enable/disabled in the UI. 
It's inconsistent - (referring to the screenshot attached) For example:
PC Port GUI - Enabled / PC Port AXL - 0

Settings Access GUI - Enabled / Setting access AXL - 1

Video Capabilities GUI - Disabled / Video Capabilities AXL - 0


And the list goes on.

I also couldn't find the Override Enterprise/Common Phone Profile Settings checkbox representation in the AXL.
This is also very confusing as if this checkbox is not checked the value in the GUI is not even relevant.


Wondering if anyone had any experience with this.


Thanks a bunch!



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

What is the model phone you're using?


Also, keep in mind that vendorConfig is a set of values in a separate file. It isn't stored in the database along with other phone parameters, since vendorConfig parameters are so varied across devices there's no way to set up a database table to account for them all.  As a result, the names/values can be confusing.

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