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Mac Duo On Lock And Screensaver

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Hello all,

I know in the past (looks like more than a year ago) it was asked if there were any plans for a lock screen prompt. At the time, the answer was no. And it seems that the MacOS guide also mentions that it will not prompt.

Are there any plans or mods/plugins to enable this feature? Not having Duo prompt for credentials upon lock or a screensaver completely defeats the purpose of having 2FA. I work for a company that deals with a lot of government customers and we have very strict guidelines that must meet NIST requirements. 2FA for Macs is one of them. However, we need an enterprise solution, not the BS apple provides (2FA using a personal AppleID doesn’t cut it). I’ve scoured the web to try and find an easy solution – there isn’t one that comes close to Duo (in fact, there really aren’t that many). We already use Duo on the Windows side heavily and we LOVE it. We are so close to making Duo our one-stop shop for 2FA across the enterprise! Is there any way Duo can be customized or modified to make this change?

Thank you.

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Did anyone every answer this for you? We too are awaiting the ability to have 2FA work from upon wake/lock screen for our MAC users.

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Hi @mjwilliams and @jsalt, thank you for surfacing this question again! I apologize for the delay in reply here. I do my best to get back to people in a timely manner, but occasionally a question falls through the cracks like this one.

I’m happy to report that this is something the Duo team is actively working on, though we don’t have any timelines we can share publicly at this stage. I’ll reach out via private message to get more information about your company so I can add you to the interested customers list.


Please add me to the interested customer list also regarding this issue.

Thank you.

Please also add us to your list as this is a requirement for compliance.

Could you please add me to the “interested customer list” also regarding the option to use Duo on the Mac lock screen? Thanks.

Please add me to the list as well, this is frustrating. Like OP said- What’s the point of having 2FA when the user can login without it unless the mac is rebooted? So, If some bad actor has their password, they can login straight through without 2FA. Please keep us updated. This feature is very much needed. We are planning to push this to 1000+ users.

I am looking for the same. Please provide me with the update

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We also would like added to the list of interested customers. And while we’re at it - macOS Logon needs an offline option, as for when no network is available - you need to be able to login using a passcode, when the Mac itself can’t get on the internet.


100% !
@Amy can you please add me to the list as well.

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Hi guys
I noticed when you switch user on mac and try to log in using same user account it will prompt you for a duo push. Can we run a script on mac to go to switch user after inactivity of 60 minutes

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The closest we’ve been able to get is using Jamf Connect and AzureAD CA rules. It doesn’t work for unlocks, though, just one full login a day.

Hi, were you able to get this script working at all ? Thanks

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Any updates on this please on when this feature is being GA'd ?

There is no update to share. Please contact your Duo account exec or customer success manager, or Duo Support, to have your Duo account associated with the feature request for this.

Duo, not DUO.
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