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ASR9000 with 9Kv supported features

Hello team,Please help to confirm if the following features work in ASR9010 with 9Kv:- Point-2-MultiPoint, QoS work in subscribers connected to 9Kv?- Voice/Video in each subscriber can be mapped to a different VRF? (subcriber connected to 9Kv)- Bandw...

mindang by Cisco Employee
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Resolved! Cisco Q-in-Q versus dot1ad on NNI ports

Dear community,Is it possible to deploy a switch with NNI interfaces where a different S-tag Ethertypeis used on different ports?  I mean, Cisco's Q-in-Q on the one port (Ethertype 0x8100)and IEEE dot1ad on the other (Ethertype 0x88a8).The switch is ...

VLAN Spanning-tree (VSTP) issue with Metro-E links

Hi Everyone,We have Juniper EX 4200 as core switch at two sites connected Cisco  2960s and Cisco 3560s (access layer switches). For even-numbered VLANs,  one Juniper switch is root bridge and for odd-numbered VLANs, other  Juniper switch is the root ...

v4meet999 by Beginner
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VOIP and Codewords on HFC

I'll make it short and sweet!  I have a customer that has a 6Mb P2P connection over our HFC network.  They're utilizing the circuit for Prioritized VOIP traffic and stated they are using DSCP. They also use the circuit for their general data. Our net...

Q-in-Q w/o Native VLAN tag question

Let's assume that we have Q-in-Q setup between 2 service provider switches.  To run Q-in-Q we want to terminate a trunk into each tunnel port and enable native VLAN tagging to ensure that all customer VLAN's are tagged.  In some cases we may have a c...

Access and trunk pseudowire with L2PT

Hi all,I've done extensive testing and I would like some confirmation regarding my conclusions:1. rewrite ingress tag pop 1 symmetric has no effect on Layer 2 control frames (STP, CDP, etc).2. access and trunk connections on each end of a pseudowire ...

MPLS ATOM Between 2 ME-3600X-24FS-M

hello alli need to get up an L2VPN between 2 switch ME-3600X-24FS-Mi think the config is fine all show are OK but i cant L2 link doesnt work, no ping between 2 CEhere the show mpls L2transport vc 102 detail Local interface...

ENNI Termination

We have 7 new metro Ethernet circuits from our service provider to remote locations with qinq trunks. All of these connections are point to point connections terminating at central site using a 7 different s-vlans on a single ENNI port.We need the ab...

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