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We are using ME3400 switches at each of our sites to connect to a MPLS IP VPN from a service provider.  The provider does not provide encryption of our data.  Does the ME3400 switch support IPSec or GET VPN?  If not, is there a way to encrypt our dat...

routercpu by Level 1
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hi,How we can load balancing the ospf traffic between CE1-PE1 (PE1 connected to PE2 by sham-link) and the backdoor link between CE1 and CE2 as all the ospf costs are equal among all the interfacesThanks

Hello Everyone;I need to test ME 3600 to stretch the MPLS to access layer, we also wish to provision VPLS service. Does anyone have any documents in form of a test plan which may help me gain an insight into the box and test its VPLS ma...

Is it possible to change the Ethertype used on a ME3400 switch (12.2(55)SE).Our carrier uses 0x8100, but when we configure a QinQ port and send double-tagged packets to them, I think they  are going out ax 0x88a8.I've found commands to do it on a 10K...

Hi,I am bit confused whether spanning tree packets uses the native vlan (ie 1) or goes as untagged ? If it is untagged, how can associated the spanning tree to the VPLS considering that I am using lots of sub-interfaces considering I am using MSTP.  ...

skanda by Level 1
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Unfortunately I can't find a proper resource to understand if I can link 2 BEBs over current L2 core, which is not 802.1ah aware.Will the traditional switches (like 3560, 6500) pass transparently 802.1ah frames?

Hi all,I have some troubles with QoS on ES+ linecard. I cannot trust CoS on GEports of ES20+ linecard. So, I don't know what to do with these traffics received from DSLAM/L2SW. Is there anyone who has experience with this issue? Please tell me what t...

I have a switch that is connected to two different entities (me3400-2csa).  One port i am marking as a S-TAG and on the other port I am feeding them video.  On the video port, I would only like to allow Cisco STB's to talk through the port but have n...

jwilde by Level 1
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Hello, community. I'm trying to reproduce setup with two customers (R1 and R2), PE router (R3) and common services (R4).Here is configuration:R1: interface Loopback0 ip address!interface FastEthernet1/0 ip address 192.168.15...

Resolved! Cat6500 CAM flush

Can anybody comment this:sw-bbone(config)#vlan 1811sw-bbone(config-vlan)#end% Applying VLAN changes may take few minutes.  Please wait...sw-bbone#sh mac-address-table  count MAC Entries  for all vlans :Dynamic Address Count:                28633Stati...