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Configuring EtherChannel on ME 3400

Gregg Hughes

Good morning!

One of my providers has a ME3600-24CX-M in our main datacenter. There are two fiber ports used for the in and out of our connection, and one GE copper port connected to our perimeter router for that circuit.  I would like the carrier to configure EtherChannel to add some more redundancy to our perimeter network.  They have informed me that what I'm looking for isn't possible, because any more configured ports equal another service.  I told them I wasn't interested in another service but simply to add another GE Cu port, not to be used unless the routers HSRP between them.To date I haven't heard back from them.

I'm checking here to see if I am crazy or if the configuration I think should be easily achievable is indeed possible. I did RTFM, but I'm going the extra mile before I saddle up and talk to my account rep and sales engineer again.

Thanks to all for looking!


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Vinit Jain
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hello Gregg

from service provider perspective, i think what they are saying is right. if you want them to add another link towards your network, they will treat it as an extra service. from the configuration perspective, implementing HSRP or even etherchannel is possible but the question here is more towards. Also, if you implement etherchannel, you will need to buy another link for the standby. If you are not implementing etherchannel but only using HSRP, then just two links would do it.

the best would be to get a good deal from the sales rep. from the ISP.

Hope this helps.



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