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Ethernet CFM Hello PDUs not propagating correctly (Ping only works when initiated from one direction)



I am trying to implement Ethernet CFM and I am experiencing some issues when I connect it over my MPLS setup.


Network setup:


                     PE1                                                    PE2                       CE

Interface A - ASR901 <------> MPLS <------> ASR901 <------> ME3400 Interface-B


My PE devices are connected together using xconnects under the service instance sub-configuration.


I have configured MEPs in PE1 and CE as Up (CFM interface configuration done on "customer" facing interfaces, Interface-A and Interface-B)


I can see in the MAC address table of the CE the MEP MAC address from PE1, but my renote mpdb is empty.


However on PE1 I successfully receive the ethernet CFM packets and get entries in my remote mpdb for the configured MEP on the CE.



However I cannot ping the CE from the PE even when I have a remote mpdb entry.


Some outputs from my devices


show ethernet cfm maintenance-points remote
MPID Domain Name MacAddress IfSt PtSt
Lvl Domain ID Ingress
RDI MA Name Type Id SrvcInst
EVC Name Age
Local MEP Info
20 Testdom CE-MACADDR Up Up
4 Testdom Gi0/3:(, 2446999446
- testcfm XCON N/A 2446
2446 9s
MPID: 10 Domain: Testdom MA: testcfm


Sending 5 Ethernet CFM loopback messages to CE-MACADDR , timeout is 5 seconds:.....
Success rate is 0 percent (0/5)




However when I ping from my CE to my PE I get successful pings (have to list the MAC address in the ping since I haven't learned the MEP ID).


Using the same MD and MA.



Anyone have any ideas what can be wrong in my configuration? I have also tried to move my MEP from an UP-MEP to a DOWN-MEP (and moving the interface configuration to the interface directly connected to my PE device).