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Pseudowire redundancy

I want to connect a L2 domain redundantly to A VPLS cloud. I am struggling to get this done without creating any loops.

The customer has a its own L2 domain and wants to connect it via L2 to the VPLS cloud. As the customer has also spanned vlans between his two sites this will introduce a loop. Packets exit PE-1 to CE-1. Traversee the customer L2 cloud and reenter the VPLS cloud again Via CE-2 and PE-2.

Obviously an unwanted situation.

I was thinking if I could solve this with Pseudowire redundancy. If I am correct only if both ends of the PW decide the PW should become active it starts forwarding traffic. If the backups are configured as below I should only have one PW active at all times

CE-1( CE11 in drawing my mistake)  fails PE-1 transfers it PW to CE-2 to Active state

PE-1 fails and CE-1 makes The PW to PE-2 active.

The PW between PE-2 and CE-2 is just in case of a dual failure and unlikely to ever becoming active.


The alternative woulde be to make CE-1 and CE-2 part of the STP domain but I prefer no to become involved in the customer L2 STP domain

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