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UDLD in Metro Ethernet

Can i use udld between two switches connected in a metro ethernet network? My idea is use the udld to monitoring the health of the two physical interfaces that are doing part of the ether-channel. Each switch in the Data Center Interconnect have two links of different service providers and in the case of a failure in the Service Provider network, the interface of the channel goes down.

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Giuseppe Larosa
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Hello Julio,

sorry for late answer

you can try to use LACP to have LACP control frames sent over each member link.

Lack of reception of LACP frames will move a link out of the bundle

in metro ethernet environment the better tool is ethernet OAM CFM mode that can involve SP nodes in the performed tests.

Hope to help


on your metro device perform a show interface transceiver to show light levels of sfp.

Also if you are using a program like cacti you can creat thresholds on light levels to alarm you as the light may be degrading.

Always worked for me


Jude Bryant

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