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iPhone App for the Cisco Support Community :: UPDATED v1.4 ready for download


iphone-NEW-200x150-promo-banner-April2012_v2.png Helping you stay connected with Cisco Support Community, anytime, anywhere!

We are pleased to announce an UPDATED release of our iPhone and iPad application. 

Be sure to Visit and Subscribe to Notifications on the Cisco Mobile Technical Support for future release and updated information

The 1.4 Update includes:

    * Enhancements                                                                                                                                     

          o Podcasts: enables the addition of Podcast feeds

          o My Activities: Contains both My Discussions and My Recent activities which will now allow users to not only access discussions they have started but also discussions they have replied to

          o Better Logic modification for allowing single space to be entered provided there are some additional characters after the space.

    * Bug-fixes  

          o Fixed performance issues for recent activity

          o Fixed bug to display user star ranking for monthly

The Cisco Technical Support iPhone App is designed  to enable you to connect and interact with Cisco Support Community, your one-stop technical support destination.  You can download the new app for free from the Apple iTunes Store by searching for “Cisco Technical Support”.  If you have the previous version please update to the latest version in iTunes which provides bug fixes and the ability to edit your own replies.

The app is currently available for download in ALL COUNTRIES (English Only).

The Cisco Technical Support iPhone app provides access to Cisco Support Community's rich technical support discussions. The App connects you to forum discussions, RSS feeds, videos, and our community's "leaderboards" via a user friendly mobile app interface. Through this app, you will be able to collaborate with other community members anytime, anywhere!


Download Today ::

(User Guide available for Download in attached files below)

iPad App for Cisco Support Community : Now Available


I cannot log in with my CCO login. I get a Authentication Error "The username or password was incorrect. I can log in to CCO with same credentials.


Hi John, this is interesting we've never experienced this before.  Is this happening consistently?  The password field is case sensitive so please ensure that it's in the right upper or lower case.  Also, please ensure you have internet connection.


John, are you sure you are typing in the same username/password as the one you use on this website? Also, I don't find it particularly convenient to use the on-screen keyboard on my iPod Touch, and it often takes me a couple of tries to type it in correctly.


Yes, I am using the same username and password I use to log into CCO from a browser. What else can I use but the keyboard on my iPhone?

Cisco Employee

Have you tried turning your phone completely off (power plus the "Actions" button, then confirm with slider) and then back on?   Some times, my credentials seem to get "stuck" in the phone, and the only way to clear seems to be to power off and back on. :-(


I fixed the problem by resetting my password and now I can log in.


John, that's great news! Do let us know if you have any other feedback.

Community Member

what about Nokia ?


Hi, Bassem,

Which model(s) of Nokia phones (smartphones) should we focus on?  Which phones do you see your friends & colleagues using?

Tom Yoritaka, Director, Cisco Support Community

Hall of Fame Community Legend

Beauty!  I'll be waiting for the iPad version. 

Hall of Fame Community Legend

One thing I noticed though is that if your wireless LAN has a proxy, this application doesn't work.  Is there a way for me to enter proxy server details in this application?

Cisco Employee

Is there a way to sync bookmarks from the website to the iphone app. I tried to sync one of it and couldnt work. The bookmark is part of private community supporting customer.


Only discussion bookmarks are synced to the iPhone app right now.  All other bookmarks will not be synced right now.

Cisco Employee

I could not download this great app! Since my apple store account was China.

Only Apple store US user could download!

Anybody help to fix?

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