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Proximity 3.0.7 release notes


Proximity 3.0.7 primarily addresses issues with false positives in the ultrasound pairing message decoder. This was reported in to us in the support forums.


The steps taken to address this are:

  • Require higher coinfidence when receiving ultrasound messages
    • This change takes effect if the app is not focused/foreground, or if the ultrasound messages appear to contain public IP addresses.
    • If the app is running in the foreground, and they receive pairing messages from an endpoint that is on a private IP network, pairing speed is not affected.
    • If, however, the you are receiving ultrasound from an endpoint with a public IP, or the app is running in the background, pairing time will increase slightly.
    • Pairing resiliency should not be affected once paired.
  • Add option for disallowing connections to public IP addresses entirely.
    • In most setups, IP addresses used for endpoints are private IP addresses. Should you wish to prohibit Cisco Proximity from contacting any public IP addresses, this is now possible.
    • For Windows installations, the ALLOWPUBLICIP=0 flag can be passed upon installing. See the mass deployment guide for more information on MSI flags and Proximity.msi.
    • For MacOS you can set this setting using defaults write allowPublicIP 0

The release also makes the volume icon indicate clearly when the endpoint is muted.