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APIs Made for Meraki

Cisco Employee

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If you know Meraki, then you know we are driven by one simple goal: making technology simpler for our customers, giving them more time to achieve amazing things with it. Driven by this core mission, we have built a world class product line that includes Wireless Access Points, Switches, Security Appliances, an MDM solution and recently our very own phone, ALL of which are cloud-managed through one single-pane of glass called Dashboard.

As our customers have massively adopted our technology, it has become essential for us to help them achieve business focus that would help them get ahead, realising value beyond the core capabilities of Dashboard.

Enter APIs.

Whether it's locating devices in real-time, collecting marketing data, engaging customers with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Beacons or automating network deployments, Meraki makes it simple to work with our APIs on

The possibilities are endless. Here are some examples of what is possible:

  • Real-time Location, marketing data collection and user engagement through our CMX API and BLE Beacon capabilities
  • Splash pages for user authentication and advertising
  • Network monitoring and management with Netflow, SNMP, Syslog
  • Dashboard provisioning and collection of data through the provisioning API

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List of available Meraki APIs

On the Meraki developer portal we publicly provide our API guides to get you started. You can also find sample code with cool ideas of what is possible. One of my favorite examples is Shopping with Miles that leverages the BLE radio we have built-in our APs.

Shopping With Miles is a simple iOS application that uses the Core Location framework to demonstrate the concepts of Ranging and Region Monitoring with BLE Beacons. It shows you how you can deliver proximity based marketing messages to users as their proximity to a configured BLE beacon changes over time. This detection capability can provide the basis for personalized user engagement based on location.

Finally, if you apply to become a Meraki Developer you can get free hardware to help you run your tests as you refine your code, 24x7 technical support, early access to sample code, and marketing opportunities.

We’re looking forward to seeing you visit us on  and joining our growing developer community !

Thanks for reading !

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