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CMX Analytics Device Count changes in CMX 10.2.2 and CMX 10.2.3

Cisco Employee

Author: Darryl Sladden, Senior TME Manager

Date:   October, 2016

Subject: CMX 10.2.x ANALYTICS Device Counts

Change from 10.2.0 to 10.2.2


Reports with the selection of multiple Zones or multiple Floors in 10.2.0 DEDUPLICATE visits.  For example, when the same device visits ZONE 1 and ZONE 2.

With 10.2.0 it is counted as 1 VISIT in a report of ZONE 1 and ZONE 2.

With 10.2.2 we do NOT DEDUPLICATE visits when the same device visits ZONE 1 and ZONE 2.

With 10.2.2 it is counted as 2

This can result in the exact same report showing a much higher number of devices with CMX 10.2.2 vs CMX 10.2.0.

This issues occurs with a CAMPUS report if you have multiple top level CAMPUS, but is not the case if you have a single top level CAMPUS for campus level reporting.

If you select a report with more than one zone/floor/campus, you will have this issue.

The workaround is to TAG multiple CAMPUS/BUILDINGS/FLOORS/ZONE with the same TAG and report at the TAG level.

This change is NOT retroactive.


In 10.2.0 there were some errors in calculating location of some devices due to heat map failure.

This resulted in devices that had not been in the venue for a long time to not be counted.

With 10.2.0 the total number of devices with locations calculated is lower due to this error.

In 10.2.2 we have corrected and expanded the HEATMAPS (an internal construct that is used for calculating how far from an AP a client is), this results in more device having a valid location calculated.

With this change you will see more devices that are seen for a short period of time if the AP are in public spaces.  You will need to filter devices that are seen for a short period of time if you want this removed from your dataset.   This should be done by setting the DWELL TIME FILTER to 30 mins

With 10.2.2 device count in analytics will be higher due to this correction.

This change will persist in all future releases.

CHANGE IN EXIT NOTIFICATION (Does not impact counts or Dwell time)

In 10.2.0 we exit devices from zones when a device is not reported from WLC after 20 mins.

In 10.2.2 we exit devices from a zone when a device is not reported from WLC after 10 mins.

This change will impact the DETECT and LOCATION page device counts.


A small number of devices have unrecognized OUI and send locally administered (ie RANDOM) MAC addresses.  These should be filtered out by the location engine.  This filter remains constant in 10.2.0 and 10.2.2 and will remain the same in 10.2.3.

The OUI list of valid MAC addresses is updated as part of the ongoing system updates.

Please note, Apple devices, when they are not associated to WIFI do not send out a valid MAC addresses and are not included in PROBING device counts by default.


There can be a large number of short duration devices in the any CMX analytics dataset if the AP are outdoors and can hear devices that are very infrequent, such as a car driving by. The method to filter these short duration devices would be to use the DWELL TIME FILTER and set the minimum DWELL time for a report to 30 mins. 


The Filtering for RSSI signal strength is based on at least one AP reporting the signal at a value of which is higher than a preset value.    The default value in 10.2.0 was -128.  The default value in 10.2.2 was set to -85.  The user can configure this value to what is appropriate to the specific venues.  If the values where changed when the report was created, then you would have resulted in different values from 10.2.0 vs 10.2.2.  A recommended value for this setting in many WIFI networks is -75.


In Presence the calculation of a VISITORS in a specific ZONE is based on the device being present in a ZONE for 8 minutes in the last 20 mins.  The device count widget also shows the total number of detected visitors. The visitors have to be in a zone for a specific length of time (configured) and at a specific signal strength.


There is an error in the repeat visitor count in CMX 10.2.2.  They show as 100% repeats in many cases.  This is fixed in 10.2.3. 

There is no workaround to correct in CMX 10.2.2

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Hi Darryl,

Thanks for clarifying how device counts are calculated. Most of your discussion focuses on 10.2.0 and 10.2.2, whereas the post title refers to 10.2.3. Is this typo, or should we assume that 10.2.3 calculates things in the same way as 10.2.2 unless otherwise stated?

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